"ur study material is the truth"

shankeria passed the social work exam @socialworkprep
i used ur material when preparing for my LMSW & NOW for my LCSW....ur study material is the truth #LatePost #SheDidIt #LCSW #GoalAccomplished


cj passed the masters exam"I have to say this and I will tell everybody this! there was a question on the test and I will never forget, it said something about an Asian client that believes [an unusual physical symptom is occurring to him] and I remember learning about culture bound syndrome while taking one of the SWTP exams and it was the exact type of question. So I would of never known about that syndrome if it wasn't for your test and I will always tell everybody this is the best source to help you hone your skills. You may learn something from the boot camps but now test what you learned with these tests!!!"


Since you're not supposed to share details of the test, we took out the specifics of the question CJ's talking about. But the point sticks: SWTP practice gets you ready for the real thing. Sometimes it's more general content and question process understanding. Sometimes it's a 1:1 match. Think of the time you save on the timed exam and the confidence boost you encounter when that happens.

In short: practice, practice, practice. You'll be glad you did.

Helen Passed the LMSW Exam! “Social Work Test Prep was a great resource for me.”

helen passed the ny masters examI passed the LMSW exam on my second attempt. Social Work Test Prep was a great resource for me. I felt confident and capable after taking the practice tests. Thank you for your help!

Congratulations, Helen!

If you're feeling ready to finally get licensed, we're ready to help. The road to PASS goes through lots and lots of practice questions. And we've got just that.

Start with just one 170-question full exam or save by getting several at once. Best deal: get all five complete exams plus our two boosters (DSM & Ethics).

More congratulations to Helen and all recently licensed social workers. And to you, congratulations in advance!

Examination Result: PASS

tammy passed the aswb masters exam

Congratulations, Tammy!

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Aracely Passed the ASWB Masters Exam

Aracely Passed the Masters Exam Texas has a new LMSW! From our inbox:

"Without SWTP, I wouldn't have passed. SWTP allowed me to understand how the questions were presented, and gave me a better understanding on how to prepare for exam!"

Congratulations, Aracely! Great to hear SWTP was a help.

Sign up to get started with our free study guide and our full-length practice tests. Sitting down for 170-question, four-hour practice tests is the best thing we know to help get you ready for the experience of taking--and passing--the social work licensing exam. Good luck!

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