“I'm still excited about passing the exam!”

willie passed the social work examI passed in 2017 with the help of the study materials from Social Work Test Prep.  I would recommend your site to anyone studying for any of the social work  licensure exams.  I'm still excited about passing the exam!

Congratulations, Willie! The email goes on:

I'm currently receiving supervision for clinical licensure and will definitely seek out your website for assistance when I began to prepare for the clinical test.  Believe me when I tell you I'm still elated about passing my MSW exam!

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Can I Pass the Social Work Exam?


Can you pass the social work licensing exam? Yes, you can!

But it may take some preparation. There's lots to know content-wise. And there's lots to get ready for process-wise. The content isn't much of a mystery.

Regarding content: The ASWB publishes free outlines of all the material that may appear on the exam. It's overwhelming, but this should calm you some: the vast majority of the material that appears on the exam is the very stuff that social workers working in the field encounter every day. The basics of ethics, diagnosis, and social work practice. The exam is designed for beginning social workers. For most people looking to get licensed, that's more-or-less who you are.

As for the exam process. That's also easily prepared for, if you have the time. The national ASWB exam is four hours long with 170 questions. The best way we've found to prepare for that long sit is real-time, realistic practice (which is just what we provide). Does your attention lag over the course of four hours? Do you need a snack break? A stretching break? A bathroom break? What's it like for you to face vignette after vignette of challenging social work situations and close-call answers? There are really only a couple of ways to find out. Either take the test (which is expensive and only allowed every so often). Or take practice tests. We recommend the latter!

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Dana: “I passed my exam on the first try.”

fireworks dana passedI bought two tests and an ethics booster and studied for 3 months. I passed my exam on the first try.

Congratuations, Dana!


You can build a SWTP exam bundle any which way you like. Two exams and a booster worked for Dana. Others purchase exams one at a time. Cost-savvy exam-preppers eye the discount you get when you purchase the complete bundle and go for that. That's five exams, two boosters. Practice questions as far as the eye can see.

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“You make it easy to study!"

2018 is the year i get licensed"I've been studying and I really enjoy having the rationales and study links!! The links that you provide are wonderful. You make it easy to study!" - Evan

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Ashley Passed the Social Work Exam: "Such wonderful materials"!

ashley passed the social work exam I passed my exam!! Thank you for all the additional help and providing such wonderful materials to help with the studying. I took this exam 5 times and finally used this test prep. I felt like it helped the most. Thank you! 

Congratulations, Ashley!


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