SWTP GOTV: Results


Regina: Social worker. Voter.

Lots of social workers sent in "I Voted" selfies yesterday. Find some collected on Facebook.

It's not too late to add yours (and receive a 25% discount on SWTP practice exams in return!).

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

We Vote, We Win

vote 2017When social workers vote, good things happen. So this Election Day-that's today!-we're offering the following extra incentive for you to get to the polls:

1. Send evidence of your having voted to or tag @socialworkprep when you tweet. (A picture of a ballot stub or an "I Voted" sticker is great.)

2. We'll send a coupon code just for you-a huge additional 25% off SWTP practice exams and bundles!

You vote, you let us know, and your social work exam prep gets that much more affordable.

Need help finding your polling place (or know if your state is voting today)? Try

Happy voting! Happy studying! Good luck on the exam!

"Passed my LCSW today, first try!"

dana passed the social work exam celebration Passed my LCSW today, first try! I highly recommend Social Work Test Prep!

Congratulations, Dana!

The world needs more licensed social workers. Still have studying ahead? Let's get you licensed.

The ASWB exam is tricky, but you can learn how to pass it. Full-length practice tests are the path. Build your exam bundle by choosing exams here.

Happy studying. Good luck. Congratulations in advance!

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SWTP really helpful

juliet's balcony I took and passed my exam. The prep was really helpful. Thank you!

Congratulations, Juliet!

Juliet didn't send a picture, so here's a picture of Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy. A different Juliet.

We love to hear from you. And it's always great to see smiling pictures of you celebrating with your pass sheet. If you have one that you haven't sent in, however old, please send it now!

If you're still preparing for the social work licensing exam, know that there are people passing the exam every day. It can seem like an enormous obstacle in your social work career. It doesn't have to be. If you can set aside some time to get familiar with how the exam works and to review some social work basics that are likely to appear on the exam, you too can pass it. Like Shakespeare wrote (but not in Romeo and Juliet), "Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven." Which sort of applies here.

To get started with your knowledge-building, create your exam bundle here.

Looking forward to hearing your good news soon!

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Coming Soon: ASWB Content Outline Changes

It will be a busy autumn for us at SWTP. Along with updating exams to reflect NASW Code of Ethics changes, we'll be making sure all practice tests reflect changes to the ASWB content outlines. What does this mean for you? Very little.

ASWB content outlines detail the wide array of material that may appear on any given version of the social work licensing exam. We've compared the old and new outlines. The changes, by and large, are not wildly significant. Category names get a little makeover. Some content has been added, some pruned. The overall effect to you, the social work exam prepper: negligible.

Take a look for yourself, if you like. The current versions-which become ASWB history on January 2nd, 2018-are posted here.  The new versions are posted here.  Handy diagrams showing the before and after differences are here. See? No big.

We'll have practice tests reflecting all coming changes up soon. In the meantime, whether you're prepping for a 2017 or 2018 exam date, get started with practice tests by creating your own exam bundle here.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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