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Via Pass the ASWB Exam, here's a quick, sort of fun way to test your accuracy assigning GAF scores. It's the Global Assessment of Function (GAF) Training from the Washington Institute and the Washington State Mental Health Division.  Includes a series of client vignettes and an empty box. Guess the GAF! The site links to the GAF categories, if you need a refresher and don't have a DSM handy. Happy gaffing!

what's my gaf


UPDATE: The GAF is no longer used in DSM-5 (nor in the social work licensing exam). 

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Passing the Social Work Exam with SWTP

this website helped me pass with ease Some recent praise from newly licensed social workers. More testimonials here:

This website helped me pass with ease.  It is a most efficient and helpful resource to use while studying, I did not have to waste time poring through thick textbooks or dense material.  I loved the links as the concepts were outlined concisely in the most direct language possible. 

Worth every penny.  Thanks!



Check out, I found it really helpful when studying. It has cheaper practice tests than the official aswb ones and they provide links to articles so you can read up on the answers...

--Via reddit


I took and passed the exam--thanks for your help!



I like this program. Especially, if I have questions or concerns I am able to access additional information by clicking the internet link.  I feel very confident and that your program was very helpful!


Congratulations, all of you! And good luck to everyone who has the exam ahead of them. Let us know how it goes!

Free Psych

chimps "What do your dreams mean? Do men and women differ in the nature and intensity of their sexual desires? Can apes learn sign language?" Knowing the answers to these questions may or may not help you on the social work exam, but, if you're curious, here they are, part of a free Introduction to Psychology class from Prof. Paul Bloom at Yale University.  It's a big series of long lectures--more than most will have time for, but likely of value for those who do.

Social work-specific offerings are less plentiful, but they're no doubt coming. 

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Resolved to Pass the Social Work Exam

social worker new years resolution For those of you among the thousands of social workers resolved to pass the licensing exam in the coming year, congratulations! You've made it through an arduous process: applying to school, going to school, going to internships. Maybe you've even already completed your practice hours and submitted everything to your state board. Nicely done! The next step, the exam, is really nothing compared to everything you've already accomplished.

You can think of getting through the test as a two-step process: knowing and practicing. You probably have encountered just about everything you need to know to pass the social work licensing exam. It's just a matter of freshening up on needed knowledge (about the Code of Ethics, the DSM, developmental theories, etc). Getting familiar with the exam process--the feel of the questions, the pace at which you need to answer them--is the other crucial part of the equation. We're here to help with both.

Below are some additional links that may prove helpful as you prepare for your big, four-hour licensing sit-down. There are many more free resources linked throughout this site, including as suggested study links within practice exams. These are just a simple start:

Again, congratulations on everything you've done to get here. Thanks for all you do as a social worker. And good luck on the exam!

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Happy Holidays from SWTP

swtp holiday card 2014

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