Meghan Passed the LICSW Exam. You Can Too.

meghan with pass sheetFrom our inbox:

"Thanks SW Test Prep! I passed my LICSW exam in DC last week! Couldn't have done it without spending countless hours studying on your website. Thank you!!!!"

Congratulations, Meghan!


Pass sheets and proud faces. What's better?

Join the parade of newly licensed social workers sharing their good news. All that stands in the way is some prep and some exam passing. If the ASWB exam is something you've been putting off, stop it. The exam is big and can have a big impact, but it's just an exam. You study for it. You take some practice tests. You study some more. And then you sit for the real thing. Within four hours, you're done and you have your result. Chances are it will be good news.

Looking forward to see your proud face and pass sheet soon.

Congratulations again to Meghan and all recently licensed social workers!

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Kim Passed the LCSW Exam

kim passed the LCSW exam"I passedl!! Taking your exams and the boosters were great in preparing me for the LCSW exam. Thank you!!!"

Congratulations, Kim!

Get practice, get licensed. Sign up to get started.

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Kendra Passed the LCSW Exam

kendra passed the lcsw exam Kendra's email simply read, "I Passed!" followed by a bunch of smiley-face emojis.

She's now an LCSW in Virginia.

Congratulations, Kendra!

People are passing the ASWB exam all over the place. Coast to coast, north to south, U.S. and Canada. We get far more passing-announcement emails without photos than with them. When you leave your exam, don't forget to write us--with or without a "I did it!" selfie. Hopefully, you'll be in smiley-face emoji mood like Kendra.

You don't have to prepare for the social work exam, but if you are going to prepare, please try some practice tests (hopefully ours!). There's no better way to get a feeling for the test and how you hold up in the face of 170 questions, lots of them filled with fairly horrifying vignettes, lots of them hard to narrow down beyond two good answer choices. Do you get triggered? Fatigued? Do you breeze through? There's really only one good way to find out. Practice!

Wishing you luck.

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“Scored 118 correct out of 98 needed to pass.”

chuck passed the aswb masters examI passed the test.  Scored 118 correct out of 98 needed to pass.  Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays!  -- Chuck

Congratulations, Chuck!


What do you want this holiday season? Maybe a social work license? Or the promise, due to the studying you're squeezing in, of a social work license coming soon?

If you're ready, we're here to help.

Chuck aced the exam. So can you. Sign up to get started. Looking forward to seeing your face up here, posed with your pass sheet, soon!

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Jordan Passed: “Your material made a huge difference.”

jordan passed the aswb clinicalJordan writes,

"I was hesitant to take it again, since I failed the first time. So I purchased your complete bundle and studied 5 days a week for 3 months...I am relieved to say I PASSED! Second time is a charm! Your material made a huge difference."

Congratulations, Jordan! Thanks for writing!

If you're feeling the hesitation that can come from a bad exam outing, please don't give up! People pass the social work licensing exam after multiple attempts all the time. Taking the exam gives you a leg up. You know how it feels, what the questions are like, and what topics needs focus in your next batch of studying.

But hold on. Don't rush out to take the ASWB exam as if it's a practice test. That's needlessly expensive and just plain unnecessary. We've got five complete practice tests right here. Take those instead and get all that same experience. The feel of a four-hour sit, the way questions are phrased, a sense of which areas your best study efforts should be devoted toward. Sign up on the site to get our free study guide and get started.

Looking forward to getting your exam passing news. Good luck!

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