“I passed my C this afternoon...COULD not have done without you!”

LCSW PASS with SWTP"You are THE BEST! I passed my C this afternoon...COULD not have done without you!" - Audrey

Congratulations, Audrey!

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Shannon Passed: “The best Christmas present I could have given myself!”

christmasA winter's tale from Shannon W. via Facebook--we somehow missed it when she posted back in December.

I passed!!! First try!!!! Drove 3 hours to take it - passed - drove back home and it took 5 hours because the interstate was shut down because of a windstorm knocking trees and power lines down. I had made it home safe and sound and this is the best Christmas present I could have given myself! I graduated in 2007 - had a kiddo with medical issues in 2009 - and just went through a divorce. I'm so proud of myself!!!

Congratulations, Shannon! We're proud too!

Social workers are a feisty, relentless, persevering bunch. Windstorms and parenting and illness and divorce? Just obstacles for Shannon, not roadblocks. Whatever you're facing as you prepare for the ASWB exam, here's hoping you can push through. You've got a lot of social workers out there rooting for you. Team SWTP included.

“I finally passed the LCSW exam!”

celebrate - passed the lcswBefore after posts from Jennifer, via Facebook:

I am taking my test on Friday, and I would not be ready without this incredible service...I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little extra help!!

So she was feeling pretty confident. And then:

I finally passed the LCSW exam! I could not have done it without SWTP!! Thank you so much!!

Congratulations, Jennifer!

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Susan Passed the ASWB Masters: “A giant weight off my shoulders.”

susan passed the aswb masters exam"SWTP and trust in myself were critical to passing my exam. This has been a long time coming for me. Passing on my first try was such a relief and a giant weight off my shoulders. I graduated Dec 21, 2018. Taking my test in my last semester really enhanced my job hunting journey.  I start my first social work job on Feb 8!"

Congratulations, Susan!

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Looking forward to seeing your pass-sheet selfie soon.

Good luck!

Faith Passed the LCSW Exam

faith passed the clinical exam Faith passed the ASWB Clinical exam--here she is in a celebratory mood. When you pass the LCSW exam, it could be the last big exam--aside from maybe a driver's test--that you ever have to study for. Definitely worth celebrating!

Going in prepared helps boost your chances of passing a lot. You know the basics of the exam, right? 170 questions, four hours, all multiple choice, almost all vignettes, no trick questions.

Knowing how it feels to sit for 170 questions isn't something you can easily imagine. Practice tests, like the ones here at SWTP, take a lot of the guessing away. Some people need snack breaks or bathroom breaks. Others like to plough right through the whole thing. Some get compassion fatigue reading vignette after vignette. They aren't fairy tales. Some get simple reading fatigue. Taking practice tests helps you learn exam content and also learn who you are these days when it comes to a giant exam like this.

There's no right or wrong to snacking, not snacking, tiring, not tiring. It is what it is. But knowing what it is before sitting down for the real thing makes good sense.

Congratulations, Faith, and all recent licensing exam passers at all levels. Way to go.

Still working toward licensure. Everyone's rooting for you. Happy studying and good luck!