Aracely Passed the ASWB Masters Exam

Aracely Passed the Masters Exam Texas has a new LMSW! From our inbox:

"Without SWTP, I wouldn't have passed. SWTP allowed me to understand how the questions were presented, and gave me a better understanding on how to prepare for exam!"

Congratulations, Aracely! Great to hear SWTP was a help.

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ASWB Exam Prep: Movie Theater Anxiety

Take five minutes to dive into this question drawn from the anxiety disorders chapter of the DSM.

A woman tells a social worker that she no longer goes to the movies. "Sitting on the aisle isn't enough," she says. "I keep thinking about trying to get out of there through the crowd." When she was younger, the woman used to go to movies and concerts regularly. "It's been years," she reports. "I wouldn't be able do it. Standing on line? Sitting in a crowd inside? I'll binge watch shows at home, thanks very much." What is the MOST likely diagnosis for this client?

Most DSM questions-most ASWB exam questions-involve a process of elimination, and this one's no different. See how you do. Then sign up at SWTP for full-length exams to really get you ready to pass the social work licensing exam. Good luck!

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ASWB Masters Exam Practice

Here's a five-question mini-exam via YouTube which designed to help you get you for the ASWB Masters exam. (Of course, it will be helpful for prep at any exam level.) The questions in the video haven't appeared anywhere on SWTP yet. Maybe we'll take them one at a time here on the blog over time. For now, this is where to get them. Hit play, sit back, get practice, get licensed.

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Congratulations, Yamileé, New DC LICSW

yamilee passed the aswb clinical exam Washington DC has a new licensed clinical social worker.

Emails went like this:

Yamileé requested an extension. (Extensions are free on SWTP, you know.)

We wrote: Just added 90 days to your account. Looking forward to hearing passing news from you soon. Good luck!

She responded: Thank you! The tests have been very helpful! And I will definitely send in my PASS selfie!

Confidence! Positivity! Determination!

And you're looking at what happened next. A clinical exam pass-sheet selfie that arrived with this note: Thank you Social Work Test Prep for the exam questions and 4-hour study mock exams. It helped me so much and I passed!

Congratulations, Yamileé!

ASWB Exam Question Walk-Through: The “Little Monster”

Here's a quick walk-through of a question that appeared on the blog once upon a time. A kindergartener is making life miserable for his mother and sister. How best to diagnose?

Watch the video here and be sure to subscribe to SWTP videos on YouTube or like SWTP on Facebook for the premiere (these start as Facebook Live videos).

Remember, the real exam doesn't read itself out loud to you-and it doesn't provide answers. Sign up to get started with full, 170-question ASWB exam practice tests here on SWTP.

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