"SWTP was the best, most useful study tool!"

carol passed the social work exam I am grateful to announce that I passed my LMSW test! Yea!! SWTP was the best, most useful study tool!

Congratulations, Carol! Great news!

We can't get enough of this good news. Have you passed the exam? Let us know. Send in a picture of you post-victory.

Haven't taken the exam yet? Well, then, have we got something for you. Sign up and build a bundle of Social Work Test Prep practice tests. There are five, 170-question tests to choose from, plus two booster exams (one has all DSM questions, the other, all ethics questions). Nothing gets your ready to face the ASWB exam like realistic practice. You'll be celebrating (and hopefully writing with your good news) soon enough!

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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jane passed the lcsw examJoining Jane Smith's coworkers in congratulating her on passing the social work licensing exam!


Jane prepped with SWTP's complete bundle, so she had access to more than 950 unique practice questions, rationales, and suggested study links. And it paid off.

Hope to see your smiling thumbs up after you've passed your exam in not too long.

What,  you don't have any SWTP exams yet (or just have one or two)? That's something you can remedy right away! Choose your exams here.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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“I’m proud and elated to say that I passed my exam.”

pam passed the lmsw exam"I'm proud and elated to say that I passed my exam. Thank you for your help!"

Congratulations, Pam!

Proud and elated are good ways to feel. Ready to get there? Sign up for SWTP practice tests. Design your own bundle based upon how much time you have before exam day (and how much you want to spend-the more you order, the more you save).

Looking forward to posting your picture with your proud, elated smile and your pass sheet!

Happy studying and good luck!

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“This is the best program to study with!”

This is the best program to study with! I just passed my LCSW exam after taking the practice tests until I felt comfortable. I highly recommend this. It's well worth the money!

Congratulations, Jane! And thanks!

Getting ready to study for the social work exam? Already studying and want to bolster your exam regimen before heading into that testing center? We're here to help!

Each SWTP practice test has 170 unique questions, rationales for each answer of each question, and suggested study links for each question. Throw in our DSM and Ethics Booster tests and that's more than 950 practice questions ready to help you get prepared to PASS the ASWB exam.

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Passed on the the sixth try!

gabriella passed the social work examI passed!!! I have taken the exam 6x over the last 3 years and it was a breath of fresh air when i passed. Thank you for your assistance in making this possible!!

Congratulations, Gabriella! Great to hear! So glad to have helped you conquer the exam!

Take note: Not everybody passes the social work licensing exam on the first try. Or the second, third, fourth, or fifth. But if you keep at it, you can pass this test!

We don't have details about how Gabriella prepared for the exam in the past. But we know what she used this time: SWTP practice tests 1-5. That means she had 850 practice questions at her disposal. And 850 rationales and 850 suggested study links. And all the wisdom from the SWTP study guide and blog. That is to say, she had a lot to draw on. And it worked!

Getting ready to pass the social work exam? Whether it's your first time taking the exam or if you're a repeat exam-taker, the best place to start is here: build your SWTP exam bundle and get ready to PASS!

Happy studying and good luck!