ASWB Exam Practice - "You two are really good are arguing."

couple fightHere's a free practice question to help get you ready to pass the ASWB exam.

A couple has been meeting with a social worker for three weeks. They report wanting to work on their marriage. Despite the social worker's attempts to set rules, they argue constantly over small details. The social worker responds by saying, "You two are really good are arguing. Can you continue arguing for the next five minutes? I'll set a timer." The social worker's response is an example of:

A. A paradoxical intervention.

B. Solution focused therapy.

C. Functional family therapy.

D. Unethical behavior.

What's your answer?

Let's go from the bottom up.

Unethical behavior? Nah. If you thought the social worker is being sarcastic, you might be tempted by this answer. But sarcasm isn't unethical.

Functional family therapy. First of all, if you've never heard of it, it's probably not the right answer on the social work licensing exam. Here's what functional family therapy is, according to fftllcom:

[A] short-term treatment strategy that is built on a foundation of respect of individuals, families and cultures, but that includes powerful treatment strategies that pave the way for motivating individuals and families to become more adaptive and successful in their own lives.

TL; DR? It's not the correct answer here.

Solution focused therapy you probably have heard of.  Here's the approach nutshelled via

SFBT is future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy.

Also not what's going on in this quick vignette.

Which leaves us with one answer. Let's hope it's a good one.

A paradoxical intervention. What's that? It's when a therapist prescribes the behavior that is the target of the intervention. "Smoke more." "Sleep less." Or, in this case, "fight for the next five minutes."

Asked. Answered. And now you're that much more ready to go pass the exam.

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Happy studying and good luck!

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Katy Passed–“My CA Law and Ethics exam went great!”

eurekaHi, my CA Law and Ethics exam went great! And I recommended your site to all my colleagues who were up for examination as well. Will be using social work test prep for my upcoming clinical exam! - Katy

Congratulations, Katy! Great news. And thanks for spreading the word about SWTP!

For social workers outside of CA: California social workers have to take a Law & Ethics exam in addition to the ASWB clinical exam to get licensed in the state. If you're not in the Golden State, you can skip right to the ASWB exam, which the rest of (the vast majority of) our test prep is designed to help with. That's all five ASWB practice tests plus the two boosters, DSM and ethics.

Good luck!

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ASWB Exam Practice – Failure to Thrive

babyHere's another free ASWB exam practice question.

Children may be diagnosed with failure to thrive when:

A. Their height is stunted compared to their peers.

B. They are underweight compared to their peers.

C. They don't reach developmental milestones on time.

D. They fall behind academically at school.

If you've done social work with kids and families, you may not have to skip a beat to answer this correctly. Or maybe you just know this. For everyone else, a process of elimination (aka a best guess) is going to be your route to answering correctly.

First, worth noting: this isn't from the DSM. "Failure to thrive" is a medical diagnosis. Even if you've never heard the term, the question stem helps out and lets you know this is something diagnosed in children. And, since this is social work, you're probably right in thinking the most vulnerable kids are the most likely focus here. That is, young kids. Kids too young for school. So you can scratch answer D. And, while you're at it, strike C. too.

That leaves a choice between height or weight. Which is a better indicator of medical (and emotional) problems?

Take a pick.

Which is likely to show up first? Which is more alarming? Which would you worry about more if you saw it in a family member? Not stunted height, right? Weight significantly below the norm. That's going to be more troubling to both doctors and social workers. And that's the right answer, the second one:  They are underweight compared to their peers.

For more on the topic, here's

Narrowing down to two possible answers is a typical social work licensing exam-takers experience. Over and over again, you can narrow to two decent answers. How do you get to the best one? Go with your gut. And how do you learn to trust your gut? Practice, practice, practice. Sign up for SWTP'd complete practice tests to get going. Good luck!

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